The Mountains

Finally! This time I have posted a recent photo, taken from a short hike I had with some friends in the nearby mountains. The weather the past day was rather boring, cloudy and a strong wind, but when we woke up in the small cabin we slept in, the sun shone. I grabbed my camera and went outside and took some photos. With tiny aperture I got quite a large dept of field. As you can see, both the skies and the plains are in focus. As always I gave the photo a little treatment in photoshop. -Håkon Norén

Freezing Time

During the winter, the sun only shines about 10-15 minutes every day, because of the mountains surrounding our farm. This photo is taken at such a moment. The sun stretched just above tree tops, but it shone very bright. I like how the shadows from the trees are spread on the snowy field. There is lots of details in the trees to the left and also in the more distant forest on the right.
I used photoshop to create a colder atmosphere, bring the contrasts down and I made the blue tones more soft. -Håkon Norèn 

The Bakehouse

Another HDR-photo. I actually took this yesterday, after the massive amounts of snow came. The details on the old house is more vivid and clear in HDR.I like how the snow is packed around everything, especially on the chimney. I think it was about 80 cm with snow in total, since the temperature was that low, the snow was still nice and fluffy. As usual I made some adjustments to the colors in photoshop. -Håkon Noren

The old Mill

This is actually one of my first HDR-photos. I was very thrilled and excited about this new technique and took lots of HDR-photos.  This one is taken by the river Lågen, and the object is a old mill, from maybe the late 18th century. I like how the wooden structure is left alone to the nature and how it rests alone in the forest, waiting to rotten away. It is exciting to explore old cultural heritage, alone in the forest, not in some kind of museum or similar. I had to redo the whole photo when publishing it, because I underexposed the original photo. In addition I did some work in photoshop to reduce some flickering and distortion. The HDR-effect really brings out some nice details from the old construction, also the grass is looking much better when shot in HDR. -Håkon Noren

Red light

I have to admit that I actually hate this effect. Leaving just one color in the photo and making the rest black and white, is quite a cliché you could say. Still I am using it and taking the risk, that maybe I could succeed and make a beautiful photo with this very effect. If I have, is for you to decide, I am blind to my own photos and cannot decide whether it is beautiful or boring. Plain facts: A HDR-photo, did some brave changes in photoshop: tweaked the curves and played around with the b & w effect. -Håkon Noren
One new feature: a shared archive on  the skydrive where most of my photos are available in high resolution. This is without blogger making them look bad and compressed. Finally a good solution for getting my photos on the web!

Sun of Silver

This is another example of an HDR-photo. You can clearly see details around the sun and in the sky, and at the same time in the trees and on the field. The HDR-technique is abel to merge an overexposed photo (bright) with an underexposed photo (dark) and bring details from both to one HDR-photo. I took this photo in the afternoon in the late summer. The grass had a lovely bright green color and the sun created a nice dept in the trees to the left. HDR-photos doesn't have to look very cheap and over saturated, the best HDR-photos look just like normal photos, but with a greater level of details. -Håkon Noren

It's a very long time since the last post, and I will try to pick up the posting again and try to take some new photos of the snow and the frozen landscape. At the same time, I will never manage to post as often as before, because I have posted most of the interesting photos I have taken in the year I have had my camera.

Memories of Summer

Summer has passed, and the winter has fully approached, still I find it pleasing to look back at the photos I took through the summer. I found this one, and though it looked interesting,  it gave me relations to both summer and the end of it. I took it on such a summer day you think of when longing for the warmer season, with high temperatures and a burning sun. I got real close to this dead flower and tried to get some of the grass to also stay in focus. In the background you can see mountains and a clear blue sky. To give it a different "feel" I made the grass and the sky in the background more pale. At the same time I gave the flower stronger colors. - Håkon Noren

I have to make one short notice: Please view my photos in larger scale than they appear on my blog, they are in really low resolution in the way they are on this page. To get it in larger scale, simply click on it.


I really like this photo. It has relaxing and pale colors, shallow dept of field and lots of nice details. Composition is important when photographing; not to bring to many objects into you scene, just keeping it simple. I like how the shell and the piece of glass is so different, yet they are together. Added some vignette in photoshop to give more focus on the glass and the shell. -Håkon Noren

The Forgotten Fields

Yesterday I noticed the soft, thin fog out on the fields. I have seen many beautiful photos from similar scenes with such silky fog, so I immediately picked up my camera and went outside. The fog was specially dense in the lower parts of the field and I liked how the fence disappeared in the fog. I put down my tripod and took some photos with long shutter speed. Later I converted it into black and white, cause I found it much more appealing that way. -Håkon Noren
I am sorry for not having posted any photos in a long while, I have sort of taken a short brake, to come back stronger. :)

Through the Tunnel

This photo is taken in Fredrikstad, a medium sized Norwegian city located near Oslo. In Fredrikstad lays "Gammlebyen" a fortress established by Fredrik II in 1567. The photo is a tunnel going through one of the many walls surrounding the city. This was one of those perfect summer days with lots of tourists walking around and a clear blue sky. The temperature was above 20 degrees, which unfortunately is rare in this country.

It is, sadly, impossible to achieve such photos without using the HDR-technique. You take three photos and put the together to one HDR (high dynamic range) photo. The HDR-photo has lots of details and you are able to get correct exposure to both sky and foreground.After the HDR-photo was done processing I did lots of work in photoshop to get the colors perfect and to correct some problems the HDR-  technique causes.

It was important for me to get the colors on the other side of the tunnel strong and vivid to create the illusion of another world on the other side. It is important to remember that an photo made with this technique is more close to reality that an ordinary photo. You see the world in HDR.

I have to announce an important change to this blog. The domain or url is changed from to The blog got it's own domain which gives a more professional look. To give the new domain a great start I spend extra time in photoshop to improve this photo and making it even more beautiful! I hope you like it. More photos like this one will come and I hope to post better and better photos as I gain more photo-knowledge and skills. - Håkon Noren

Another Flower

Another flower macro photo. It was taken the same time as the "Tiny Flowers" photo. I used two extension tubes, so that I could come even more close to the object. When using extension tubes you do not get much dept of field, as you can see some parts of the photo is out of focus. After taking the photo I made some basic adjustments in photoshop. -Håkon Noren

Leaves of the Autumn

There is not much to say about this piece of photography. I had small aperture and short shutter speed to get low dept of field (Narrow focus). Afterwards I color corrected it in photoshop and gave it vignette. I love the colors of the autumn, they are somewhat pale and dead, but still warm and pleasing to look at. I find it interesting to play with focusing, so I take the camera low to the ground and shoot with low angel to the object.  -Håkon Noren

A Valley

This photo is taken in the beautiful valley Eikesdalen in Norway. I took it along one of the roads leading to this beautiful place. To get all the highlights in the skies I took three photos, then merging them together, creating a HDR-photo. To recreate the lighting and the colors optimally I did some tweaking in photoshop. Adjusting curves and contrast I managed to get a warm and realistic image. I absolutely recommend taking the trip to this place, enjoying the gorgeous scapes and the  mighty mountains. -Håkon Noren 

Poplus Tremula

As we start to face the autumn for real, the trees loose their leaves and the nights get colder, I took this photo to picture the autumn. The autumn is cold, the trees are dead, but at the same time it is filled with a rich and warm color specter. I took my camera all the way in to the trunk and focused almost as close I could get. It is interesting to see how the branches form a web-like pattern. I thought of rather showing the details from the trunk, rather than have the branches in focus. The photo was quite dead as it was, so I gave it some warmer colors and more contrasts in photoshop. (The latin name of this tree is Poplus tremula, if you were wondering :) -Håkon Noren